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Rental property in Queens and throughout New York City is at a premium, particularly dwellings that are rent-stabilized. Once it is lost, the chances of replacing it are minimal at best. Proactive steps must be taken in not only signing a renewed lease, but also ensuring that you secure the rental agreement with the landlord's signature.

At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., located in Forest Hills, New York, being first responders providing fast responses is vital in cases involving lease renewals and cancellations. Attorney Seth Rosenfeld — founder of our law firm — focuses on proactive legal representation to ensure protection of our clients' rights. He has over 13 years of experience helping clients resolving leasing issues.

Proactive Representation With Cancellation Or Renewals Of Leases

Renters need to protect a precious asset with careful planning and sound strategies, which includes retaining a lawyer if needed. A landlord must send you a renewal lease form in not less than 90 days, but no more than 150 days before the existing rent-stabilized lease expires. If you want to renew, you must take careful steps to secure your dwelling and protect your rights.

Proof of mailing helps create a paper trail and shows your due diligence for the landlord. Continuing rent payments (agreed upon in the old lease) with the legal regulated increase must continue. Cashed checks following the lease's expiration shows consent to continue the agreement.

Unregulated leases present more challenges. There is no obligation to renew by the property owner. A landlord may cancel leases to retaliate following a claim of tenant rights violations. Our job is to help overcome those obstacles

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