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Month-to-month tenants can see a huge rent increase

If you're living in New York without a lease, you might find yourself facing huge rent increases. Unfortunately, without certain protections in place, your legal options might be limited.

Your first step - if you don't have a lease - is to contact the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. They can double-check to see if your apartment is rent stabilized. You have some measure of protection, here, as your landlord must offer you a lease if your apartment is rent stabilized. After that, your rent can increase based on annual rent guidelines.

If you are not living a rent stabilized apartment, there is no limitation on the amount that your landlord can increase the rent. Of course, the landlord must balance tenant loyalty, profits and the desire to run a stable business. In fact, the rent can only be raised on a month-to-month tenant with the consent of the tenant. However, if the tenant does not consent, the landlord can simply terminate the tenancy - with appropriate notice.

Landlord-tenant disputes are often complex and the rules and regulations are often packed with dense legal language. No matter which side of the dispute you find yourself on, it is important to discuss the matter with a skilled New York landlord-tenant dispute attorney.

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