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Queens attorney efficiently handles tenants' landlord disputes

Tenants in Queens may be in a vulnerable position relative to their landlords. Landlords often own more than one property. They may have owned rental properties for many years and have extensive knowledge about landlord/tenant law. Tenants, on the other hand, may be relatively unfamiliar with the requirements of landlord/tenant law and a landlord's required duties of maintenance and other obligations.

As this blog reported in a previous post, some tenants banded together to sue a landlord who was not properly maintaining their New York City apartment building. Often, tenants need assistance to pursue legal remedies against a derelict landlord, who is not properly maintaining the premises. Fortunately, attorney, Seth Rosenfeld, can provide this sort of assistance to tenants.

Mr. Rosenfeld strives to handle clients' disputes as painlessly and efficiently as possible. A resolution may be obtained without needing to go to court. Though, if necessary, he will take a landlord-tenant dispute to court on behalf of his clients to protect their rights. Landlords who ignore their legally required repair obligations and housing code violations will find that Mr. Rosenfeld will aggressively pursue remedies on behalf of his clients to resolve such outstanding issues.

Mr. Rosenfeld knows that Queens residents deserve the utmost in legal protection, so that they may live with their families in safe and well-maintained homes. Where tenants are concerned, Mr. Rosenfeld recognizes that time is of the essence in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants. A leaky roof or disconnected gas bears urgent attention, and Mr. Rosenfeld strives to handle his clients' cases in a timely manner, so that they many continue on with their lives in comfortable housing.

For additional information about the kinds of real estate matters Mr. Rosenfeld handles, please visit the following webpage. He offers free consultations.

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