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Legal assistance with tenant and landlord obligations

New York is a city that is dominated by renters. With a rental agreement, there are certain responsibilities on both sides based on landlord/tenant law. There are landlord obligations and tenant obligations that must be adhered to. With that in mind, any violation from either party might make it necessary to have legal assistance to settle it. In some instances, these can be negotiated amicably. In others, it might have gone too far and there is the possibility that a legal filing will be necessary. It is wise to have an understanding of what constitutes a breach of lease and when to move forward with the litigation process.

Whether the lease is residential or commercial, the tenant must make all the rent payments. The tenant is also required to adhere to the rules that the landlord has set. If these are broken, this can constitute a breach. There are many different ways in which a tenant can breach a lease contract. For example, if the landlord does not want any construction done to the property without permission, the tenant doing so can violate the agreement. It can also be something as seemingly innocuous as playing music too loud.

Landlords are also beholden to the lease. For example, the property has to be safe and habitable. There must be adequate heat. If utilities are part of the rent, these must be maintained along with the other aspects of the agreement. A violation can occur with the renter not realizing that they have legal rights to protest based on the rental contract. With a commercial property, the landlord must make certain that the property is up to code and all the legal requirements are followed.

Both the landlord and the renter have to be fully cognizant of all the requirements they have for a rental property. If there is a failure on the part of either side to adhere to the law, it might be necessary to have legal help. An attorney who is fully experienced in landlord-tenant disputes can be helpful in these matters. Both the landlord and the tenant should make certain that they understand their rights and obligations and act accordingly with legal assistance.

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