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When to hire an attorney for your landlord-tenant dispute

Although many people rent properties without ever having a conflict with their landlords, the unfortunate truth is that landlord-tenant disputes are quite common. Sometimes disputes are relatively minor and a bit of negotiation between the parties can resolve matters. However, in more complicated or conflictual cases, a simple meeting may not suffice.

It can be difficult to know at exactly which point in a landlord-tenant dispute you should turn to an attorney for counsel and assistance in resolving your issue. Here are a few example cases that illustrate matters that can benefit from hiring an attorney who works with landlord and tenant disputes.

1. Non-payment of rent

If you are a landlord, rent payment is the key component of income in terms of renting your property. When a tenant stops paying rent, refuses to pay rent or has a lot of back rent to catch up on, collection can be difficult and stressful. As a tenant, you may have mitigating circumstances or contractual conditions that you wish to discuss with your landlord to explain why you are justified in not paying the rent. There may be specific issues or problems with the apartment for which you are withholding your rental payments. Whether you are the tenant or the landlord in this situation, non-payment of rent is one of the most common landlord-tenant disputes, and a qualified attorney can help you find a resolution.

2. Breach of contract

Contracts protect the rights of both tenant and landlord in that the contract specifically outlines the terms and conditions that govern the property rental. When one party breaches these terms, the other party may have legal grounds to take action for recourse. In these cases, a breach of lease lawyer can assist in finding resolution, whether it is a landlord who has a tenant that has broken rules or a tenant whose landlord is not living up to his or her contractual responsibilities.

3. Eviction

Shelter is a basic need, and losing shelter through eviction can be a life-shattering event. As a landlord, you may need to evict a tenant for safety or other reasons. Eviction is a legally sensitive issue, and having a lawyer assist you can ensure the protection of your rights. As a landlord, an attorney can help you evict a tenant in a legally responsible and efficient way. As a tenant, an attorney can examine your case to see if the eviction is lawful.

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