Gift Card Fraud, Credit Card Fraud & Embezzlement

A conviction of a white collar crime can be as severe as a criminal offense involving violence. Victims may not be physically injured, but could be emotionally traumatized by significant losses of money. Immediate legal representation from experienced fraud defense attorneys is vital to build a strong defense to charges of embezzlement or fraud involving credit cards or gift cards.

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Unlawful financial gain can result in prosecution in state and federal courts. It is anything but a victimless crime as prosecutors will pursue lengthy prison sentences and significant fines. At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., we respond to that aggressive approach with an equally aggressive defense. Immediate admissions of guilt ignore the complexities of a white collar criminal case and compromise an attorney's ability to secure the best outcome.

Professional futures are often at stake when those in a position of fiduciary responsibility are accused of abusing trust placed in them. Alleged manufacture or stealing of credit cards can have an equally negative impact beyond jail time, specifically in the pursuit of jobs.

New York criminal defense lawyer Seth Rosenfeld - one of the founders of our law firm - serves as a "first responder" to those needing help fighting charges of fraud and embezzlement. He takes an in-depth approach in handling all aspects of your case and fights for the best outcome.

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