New York Landlord-Tenant Lawyers Helping To Resolve Nonpayment Disputes

While there are many apartments in New York City, not every renter has the same budget. Finding the right place at the right price is often a major challenge. Often, many renters are devoting a considerable amount of their income to rental payments, and any unplanned expenses can leave them in a very difficult financial position. If they are unable to pay their rent at the scheduled time, it could result in potential legal problems with their landlords.

Similarly, landlords who have renters who fail to make timely rent payments also face substantial challenges that could threaten their bottom line. If the problem persists, landlords may possibly lose their buildings due to the unpaid rent or fines from the city. Time is of the essence in these cases, because the longer the rent remains unpaid, the more problems that can arise for both landlords and tenants.

At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., located in Forest Hills, New York, we have been providing skilled assistance to landlords and tenants in nonpayment disputes for over a decade. Our founding attorney, Seth Rosenfeld, has represented both sides in these cases. He has devoted a large portion of his practice to helping people find answers for their complex legal questions.

In-Depth Analysis Of The Issues In Your Case

Many nonpayment disputes have a tendency to take a long time to resolve. Landlords and tenants both suffer from the uncertainty of the outcome. We take a proactive approach when handling these cases by promoting creative solutions to the issues that need to be addressed.

Whether you are a landlord looking to collect unpaid rent or a tenant looking to contest a landlord's request, it is important that you work with experienced attorneys throughout your case. Our lawyers will carefully analyze your situation, and determine the steps that you will need to take in order to achieve success.

When representing landlords we strive to get you in and out of court as quickly as possible.  We also diligently pursue all defenses and counter claims for tenants. We have appeared in courts throughout the city for our clients. We know what is most important to you, and we are focused on helping you obtain the results you need to protect your interests.

Experienced, Driven Attorneys Providing Cost-Effective Solutions

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