Advice & Representation In Commercial Landlord Law

Although they are often at odds, commercial landlords and commercial tenants need each other. Business owners need a place to set up shop, and property owners would have a difficult time paying for their expensive real estate without the rent from those businesses. At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., we recognize the valuable roles that both sides play, and we strive to help both landlords and tenants resolve disputes that threaten business.

Contract Work, Advice And Review

The lease is the governing contract at the heart of any landlord-tenant relationship. As such, it must be clearly written, enforceable and fair to both parties. Whether you are a business owner or landlord, our firm offers a variety of services, including:

Lease drafting — Is your commercial lease clear and unambiguous? Can it be enforced? Are there provisions in it that could result in unaffordable expenses or liabilities?

Lease review — Are there terms or provisions in the lease that you don’t understand? Is the lease fair to tenants or is it too one-sided toward the property owner? Are you agreeing to provisions that could prove unaffordable or damaging to your business?

Lease negotiation — While landlords often use standard lease agreements, they don’t work equally well in all circumstances. If you have unique needs or concerns as a landlord or business owner, you may want to enter into a customized (or at least modified) lease agreement, which might require negotiation.

Representing Commercial Landlords

Even with a well-written lease, disputes arise and sometimes require legal representation. Our lawyer is ready to advise and represent you in:

  • Enforcing lease provisions
  • Collecting late or missed rent
  • Evicting commercial tenants, when necessary
  • Ensuring that you follow proper procedure in enforcement, eviction and other legal matters
  • Protecting your rights as a property owner and landlord

Representing Business Owners And Other Commercial Tenants

Lease agreements often feel one-sided in favor of landlords. But with our knowledge of commercial landlord law, we can help you fully understand and exercise your rights as a tenant. Contact us if you need help in any of these areas:

  • Fighting eviction or holdover proceedings
  • Complying with the lease or fighting allegations of noncompliance
  • Withholding rent because your landlord violated the lease in a manner that adversely affected your business income
  • Fighting landlord harassment
  • Seeking to modify or terminate the lease without financial penalty

Get Answers And Case-Specific Insight In A Free Initial Consultation

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