Closing – Representing The Buyer

Purchasing A Residential Property In New York

In New York, not only is real estate extremely expensive, it is also extremely risky. For many people, the decision to purchase a residential property represents the costliest decision of a lifetime, and with the variety of sellers and properties in the New York area, it is not easy to know whether your real estate investment is sound. It is essential to work with experienced lawyers who can help you through the process and make sure your interests are protected.

At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., we provide buyer representation for closings in Queens and the Bronx and throughout the surrounding area. Our experienced New York real estate lawyers understand the law and provide sound legal counsel for buyers on the various risks and potential pitfalls they face when purchasing real estate.

Buyer Representation From Experienced New York Real Estate Attorneys

Problems can arise at any point in the process of purchasing real estate. At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., our attorneys are committed to providing sound legal counsel throughout the process of buying residential real estate, so you will know your rights and have the information to make smart decisions. We will help you:

  • Obtain mortgage commitment and contractual information
  • Review contracts
  • Search title for any liens or other discrepancies
  • Protect your interests at closing

We provide sound legal counsel to help buyers understand the potential risks and rewards of their real estate options. Our attorneys will make themselves available to answer your questions and provide you with the help you need when you need it.

Closing Attorney For Buyers

Our firm accepts major credit cards and offers flexible scheduling. To schedule your free initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers from The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., call 800-699-1594 or contact us online.