Sublease Disputes & Rent Stabilization / Control

Disputes between New York tenants and landlords can range from problems solved quickly to complex disagreements that require the help of a seasoned attorney. At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., in Forest Hills, New York, our attorney has over 15 years of experience in landlord-tenant law.

We combine experience and success with insight gained from representing both landlords and tenants. Our founding attorney, Seth Rosenfeld, understands what is at stake when issues concerning sublease disputes and rent stabilization/control arise, and he is committed to helping you achieve a prompt resolution of your concerns.

Queens Landlord-Tenant Lawyers

Rent-stabilized and rent-controlled properties are highly sought after and are protected assets in New York. Losing this type of dwelling is both devastating and nearly impossible to replace. With that privilege comes many advantages, including the right to sublet under New York state law. Certain procedures must be followed and the landlord must be notified in writing.

At our law firm, we consult with tenants looking to sublease and advocate for them when landlords unreasonably deny the request. We also represent property owners in the process, including those fighting a request because they believe a subtenant is disruptive, unable to pay rent or intends to use the apartment for illegal activities.

Experienced, Driven Attorneys Providing Cost-Effective Solutions

Insight into representing tenants helps our advocacy for landlords and vice versa. Both sides have rights that need fierce protection from a Queens landlord-tenant attorney. For more information or a free initial consultation, please call 800-699-1594 or send us an email.