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In a residential or commercial lease, the obligation of the tenant is to make the agreed-upon rent payment. Tenants must also agree to the landlord’s rules, and if they break them by playing loud music or damaging the premises, they may also be in breach of the lease. The requirements of the landlord — specifically with residential leases — are to ensure safety and habitability. When a lease is breached by either party, help from an attorney is vital.

At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., in Forest Hills, New York, we possess insight into protecting the rights of both landlords and tenants in breach of lease legal claims. Our lead attorney, Seth Rosenfeld, has been handling breach of lease cases for over 15 years. He knows how important it is to obtain a timely resolution to these claims, so that both landlords and tenants can return to their day-to-day routines.

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Breach of lease claims are complex and fact-intensive, requiring the help of a lawyer attending to every detail. Lengthy documents provide specific information on the obligations of both tenant and landlord. When one side fails to live up to those requirements, legal action must be taken to hold them accountable not only for the violation, but also for their responsibilities spelled out in the lease.

We are first responders for our clients, moving quickly to provide aggressive advocacy and protect their rights at all stages of the process. We dissect leases — word for word — to identify both the violations and the best resolutions in any dispute. Both sides must live up to certain standards. Tenants must pay rent and promise not to violate any other conditions of the lease. Residential landlords must ensure a habitable and secure dwelling.

Commercial tenants and landlords experience many more issues that may lead to breach of the lease. Business tenants must be sure that they operate their premises according to the terms of the lease imposed by the landlord and pay rent on time. Landlords must be sure they address tenants’ issues of concern and ensure that the property remains usable for its intended purposes.

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