Dedicated To Resolving Section 8 Cases

Section 8 housing is very common across New York City. When disputes arise concerning section 8 housing, it can quickly become very complicated for both the tenants and landlords involved in the case. It is extremely important that these matters are resolved as soon as possible, because both landlords and tenants have a lot at stake.

At The Law Office of Seth Rosenfeld, Esq., in Forest Hills, New York, we have been handling section 8 cases for over 13 years. Our founding attorney, Seth Rosenfeld, is in the courtroom nearly every single day litigating these cases. He has the experience you need to bring an end to your section 8 disputes.

Helping Queens Families And Landlords Throughout Complex Disputes

Our legal team is focused on helping you understand the issues that are involved in your specific case. We carefully explain how to address these matters, and then help you make the decision on how best to protect your future. We help with a number of different section 8 issues, including:

  • Assisting landlords in disputes with the city agencies responsible for paying a portion of the rent
  • Working with landlords to gain access to apartments for section 8 reinspection when denied by tenants
  • Helping tenants demonstrate that landlords have failed to make necessary repairs to apartments
  • Resolving issues concerning rent-stabilized apartments for landlords and tenants
  • Litigating matters connected to section 8 cases

We have helped both landlords and tenants in these cases. Seth has a record of success in section 8 cases, including receiving a $38,000 settlement from the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) in Supreme Court.

These are extremely complicated matters to litigate, as there are hearings before the cases are allowed to proceed into the courtroom. We understand the steps that need to be addressed in the early stages of this process, and we will help you obtain a timely resolution to your section 8 dispute.

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