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April 2016 Archives

When might an eviction be permissible?

There are specific requirements that landlords must follow before moving to evict a tenant. Unfortunately, landlords do not always comply with eviction requirements, and many attempted evictions in Queens are unlawful. There are, however, lawful reasons for which a landlord might move to evict a tenant. It may be helpful for New Yorkers to be familiar with some permissible reasons and methods for eviction.

Three tips to reduce rent in New York

New York is known for many things: skyscrapers, Broadway and an excellent dining scene to name a few. Those who are looking to live in New York know that the buildings aren't the only things that can be sky high. The city that never sleeps is also known for having sky high rental costs. However, those looking for a new place to live may be shopping at just the right time. According to a recent piece in The New York Times, now may be an optimal time for renters to negotiate their agreements.

Attorney aids New Yorkers embroiled in landlord-tenant disputes

The relationship between a landlord and tenant has the potential to be both complex and challenging. New York City tenants need safe places to live that they can afford. Landlords need tenants who meet their required obligations and comply with rental agreements.

What about your security deposit?

For many renters, a security deposit is a big deal. In most rental situations in New York, the security deposit on an apartment will be the equivalent of one month's rent. This is standard on most lease agreements. The security deposit is designed to protect the landlord should the tenant damage the premises during the time of the lease.

A too-large mortgage on your building may be a warning to tenants

When tenants have a problem with a landlord, they often see it from the narrow perspective of their single issue. This is reasonable. If you suddenly find yourself with a dispute over your rent or repairs to your apartment, it can become overwhelming very quickly. The terminology of New York's rent laws and making time to appear in court if necessary can be confusing and disorienting.

What's in the plan?

Real estate in New York City is expensive, and Brooklyn is sharing the trend with the other boroughs in seeing land values escalate and with them, rents. It can seem inevitable. As people are priced out of Manhattan, they look for property that is more affordable and as Brooklyn and Queens become more in demand and gentrified, the rental prices begin to increase.

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