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December 2016 Archives

Why homebuyers should invest in a home inspection

A home is the biggest investment most people ever make. There are many costs associated with buying a house besides the purchase price, which means you are probably trying to watch your budget very carefully. A real estate inspection is not required but highly recommended. The American Society of Home Inspectors offers a Standards of Practice which outlines what you should expect when getting a home inspection. This informative document tells you what a home inspector should do and what an inspector is not required to do.

Legal assistance with tenant and landlord obligations

New York is a city that is dominated by renters. With a rental agreement, there are certain responsibilities on both sides based on landlord/tenant law. There are landlord obligations and tenant obligations that must be adhered to. With that in mind, any violation from either party might make it necessary to have legal assistance to settle it. In some instances, these can be negotiated amicably. In others, it might have gone too far and there is the possibility that a legal filing will be necessary. It is wise to have an understanding of what constitutes a breach of lease and when to move forward with the litigation process.

Lack of heat in rental property sparks lawsuit in New York

With the cold weather bearing down on New York City, it is an unfortunate reality that there will be landlords who will deprive residents of required amenities such as heat. There are certain landlord obligations that must be adhered to, including providing heat to tenants. If there is a failure to do so, it could be the basis for a lawsuit to settle the situation. This and many other issues can come up, making it necessary to have legal advice to deal with landlord-tenant disputes. This was recently seen in one situation in New York.

New York rental property under Section 8 avoids federal oversight

Renters and landlords in New York should have an idea about the various laws that are in place, both at the state and federal level, to protect them. One such law has to do with the Section 8 housing program that provides subsidies to tenants. A recent series of events placed landlords and tenants on the same side as New York received an exemption from federal regulations that might have negatively affected more than 55,000 people with low incomes and forced them to either pay more in rent or move to apartments that were not as costly.

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