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Can I Sue My Landlord?

For different renters a landlord fills different roles. For some the landlord is simply a person who collects rent checks every month. For others the landlord represents the entity charged with keeping the building safe and secure. For everyone, however, the landlord-tenant relationship can be complex when there is a dispute to be resolved.

What does subleasing a rental property entail?

A New York City tenant who signs a rental agreement likely plans to use the rental property for the full term of the lease. However, sometimes situations arise in which a tenant wishes to sublease a property. While common, subleasing can raise complex issues between landlords and tenants that may lead to landlord-tenant disputes if not handled properly.

Queens attorney guides tenants dealing with rental disputes

A New York City tenant involved in a dispute with his or her landlord can feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. A tenant, whether residential or commercial, relies on his or her rental property for basic housing needs or to run a business. When a tenant feels as though his or her tenancy is threatened, it can be a daunting situation.

New law benefits New York City commercial tenants

New York City commercial tenants have many potential issues with which to contend. From standing out amid the competition, to advertising, to potential landlord-tenant disputes, there are many issues that might arise in the daily life of a commercial tenant. Under a new law, however, they may have one less concern.

Avoiding eviction in landlord-tenant disputes

There are many reasons why a person might choose to rent a home rather than purchase one. The legal terms, obligations and responsibilities contained within individual rental contracts vary. It is crucial that anyone entering such an agreement have a clear understanding of all written formalities before adding a signature to the bottom line. This is often a key factor in avoiding landlord-tenant disputes further down the line.

NYC commercial lease disputes arise for many reasons

New York City landlords and tenants sign many thousands of commercial leases every year. These leases differ from residential leases in that the lessee is renting the property for commercial purposes. It is important to be aware of how a landlord-tenant dispute might arise in a commercial lease situation.

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