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June 2016 Archives

Understanding a valid eviction and the process

For New York residents in Queens and elsewhere, it is not uncommon to rent a home or apartment. While it might not be the first time a renter enters into a landlord-tenant agreement, a rental agreement typically contains terms regarding the length of the lease, what is required by each party and conditions that could invalidate the agreement.

Housing Court offers NYC landlords, tenants potential resolutions

New York City is home to a tremendous amount of people. These individuals and families are often renters in apartment buildings, and sometimes, disputes may arise between landlords and tenants regarding the condition of a rental property.

Does a tenant have options when a landlord doesn't make repairs?

New York City landlords have legally required repair and maintenance obligations for their rental properties. When landlords fail to make required repairs, and perhaps even refuse to do so, tenants may feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, tenants do have options of which they should be aware.

What should New Yorkers know about security deposits?

Typically, when signing a new lease, a New York City tenant will be required to pay a security deposit. A security deposit is a sum of money paid to a landlord which is designed to act as security to ensure that the tenant will comply with his or her responsibilities under the lease, including payment of rent owed.

Queens attorney efficiently handles tenants' landlord disputes

Tenants in Queens may be in a vulnerable position relative to their landlords. Landlords often own more than one property. They may have owned rental properties for many years and have extensive knowledge about landlord/tenant law. Tenants, on the other hand, may be relatively unfamiliar with the requirements of landlord/tenant law and a landlord's required duties of maintenance and other obligations.

NYC landlord, tenants settle case of alleged tenant harassment

In New York, landlords and tenants both have certain rights and protections under the law. These rights and protections help ensure that the landlord-tenant relationship operates as smoothly as possible. However, sometimes, landlord-tenant disputes arise when one party does not comply with the requirements of his or her role.

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