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May 2016 Archives

Common disputes between landlords and tenants: part 2

There are a variety of potential disputes that might arise between landlords and tenants in New York City. Some disputes are more common than others. In a previous post, this blog reported on landlord-tenant disputes that commonly arise due to holdover tenants or damage to the premises. There are some additional common disputes of which Queens tenants and landlords may wish to be aware.

NY cracks down on section 8 violations: Four tips for landlords

New York is cracking down on section 8 violations. The state's Attorney General recently reached a deal with three real estate firms that were found guilty of denying rental applicants based on their use of section 8 housing assistance. Denying tenants based on the use of housing assistance is illegal, and the landlords in violation of these laws can face step penalties.

Common disputes between NYC landlords and tenants: Part I

Landlord-tenant disputes can arise due to a number of different factors. A landlord may raise the rent unexpectedly or fail to make required repairs, or a tenant may cause damage to the property or break a term of the lease. There are however, certain landlord-tenant disputes that are more common than others.

NYC tenants sue landlord due to building's need for repairs

Landlords have legal obligations to maintain safe and habitable premises for their tenants. Unfortunately, however, not all New York City landlords comply with this obligation, and sometimes landlord-tenant disputes may develop. One New York City landlord has recently been sued by 38 of his tenants due to the conditions in one 100-unit six-story building.

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