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November 2016 Archives

The costs of buying a home

First-time homeowners expect to put down a hefty sum as their down payment. However, many people about to purchase their first home are often unaware of other costs that may not be so obvious. Knowing what you can expect to spend on a closing in New York can help you prepare emotionally and financially so that everything goes smoothly when you need it to.

Landlord prevails in tenant's string of cases

When the term "lawsuit" is mentioned in terms of a landlord/tenant dispute in New York, it is automatically assumed that the property owner is guilty of some sort of error, lack of oversight, failure to adhere to the law, absence of necessary repairs, or due to some other issue that left the renter in dire straits and with nowhere to turn. It is often forgotten that the landlord could be victimized just as easily as the tenant. With some landlord-tenant disputes, the cases might not be warranted or the landlord could be on the side of right. Therefore, both sides need legal assistance when there are allegations of wrongdoing, as evidenced in one recent incident.

What are important points about security deposits?

A common issue that might be confusing to New Yorkers who are seeking to find a rental property is how the security deposit falls into landlord/tenant law. As part of a rental agreement, it is just automatically accepted that there must be a deposit placed on the property. However, a number of people are blissfully unaware of what it actually does for them and how it can be abused by a property owner. When there is a disagreement or confusion about the deposit, knowing various facts can help a renter.

Legal help with an eviction notice

Part of renting or owning a rental property in New York is having to deal with the various legal issues that will inevitably arise. In some instances, either the owner or the renter will have to face an eviction notice. This is a difficult circumstance that will require legal advice regardless of the position the individual is in. There are various aspects of landlord/tenant law that provide protections and rights to both sides. Understanding that is key when there is an eviction attempted by an owner or defended against by the renter.

Lawsuit alleges rent was raised illegally

Living in New York City can be a costly proposition whether owning or renting. For many, renting is a wise decision as it accords them flexibility and they don't have to worry about certain aspects of their living arrangements that can be exceedingly costly if they own the property. However, there are certain problems that can come up in landlord-tenant disputes regarding various issues. One that comes up frequently is the rent. Those who are dealing with problems centered around their rental agreement need to know how a legal case can be beneficial toward settling a dispute.

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