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Beware of these nightmare tenants
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Beware of these nightmare tenants

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Firm News |

If you are a landlord or a property manager, chances are you’ve had your share of problem tenants. Some can wind up renting from you due to lax screening processes, but some seem to, unfortunately, fly under the radar.

Below are four types of tenants whom you should avoid at all costs.

Sad Sams and Sallies

They may start immediately or gradually work up to it, but you’ll know that as soon as the first of the month rolls around, they will have a new sob story about why they just don’t have the rent together yet.

Their excuses always sound legitimate and they may not be exaggerating, but your leasing company is not a nonprofit and they have to pay their rent. Every month. On time. Impose consequences and initiate evictions or you’ll be chasing money every month.

Wrecking balls

They’re known as this because they could hardly inflict more damage if they had used an actual wrecking ball on the property. Broken hinges, smashed panes, gritty, grungy carpet and suspicious black mold in the bathroom — was the property used as an apartment or a clandestine meth lab?

Periodic property inspections might be necessary if you suspect damage is occurring. Also, make sure to snap “before” photos prior to their moving in.

Nonstop partyers

It’s not just young renters who like to throw late-night beer blasts with 200 of their closest friends. You may wind up renting to a young family who wants to be the home where all the kids hang out. The problem is, all that hanging out is bound to annoy their quiet-loving neighbors on both sides.

Chronic complainers

Nothing is ever right, it seems, for these malcontents. The lights on the interior stairs are too dim, the floodlight outside shines into their bedroom, the spa is too hot, the pool too cold . . . and ad infinitum.

The sooner that you realize that there is no satisfying these perpetually disgruntled tenants, the easier life will be for you.

If you need help evicting a tenant, seeking the counsel of a Forest Hills attorney who is well-versed in New York laws regarding tenants and landlords can guide you through the eviction process.