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7 issues that might violate a lease 
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7 issues that might violate a lease 

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2023 | landlord-tenant disputes |

Landlords and residents typically sign leases. A lease establishes what each party expects from the other.

Generally, every lease has a set of rules that tenants must follow. If these are not followed, then the tenant may violate their lease, which can lead to negative consequences, including eviction. Here are a few ways that can happen:

1. Late rent

One of the biggest issues that immediately violates a lease is when there is unpaid rent. Some tenants may miss rent one month and make up for it with late fees and other consequences. However, it can become an issue if rent is habitually late.

2. Indoor smoking

Smoking causes a lot of issues for rentals. The smell of tobacco and other products can get into walls and ceilings, making it nearly impossible to get out. If a building has multiple units, then smoking may also disturb other residents.

3. Noise disturbances 

Many leases establish quiet hours so that residents can get a full night’s rest before school or work. If a tenant is repeatedly being reported for noise disturbances at odd hours of the night, then it may be a lease violation. 

4. Damaged property

Property damage can make it harder for landlords to rent out their units to new tenants. It can also cost landlords a lot to make repairs to damaged units. 

5. Long-term guests

When tenants sign a lease agreement, it’s often agreed that only those who signed the agreement are staying in a unit. Tenants can typically have people stay over at their residence. But, when a guest overstays their welcome, then it may breach a lease.

6. Unregistered pets

While some landlords allow their tenants to have pets, it’s often agreed that they are responsible for what their pets do. Pets can damage properties and leave stains and smells. Tenants that bring unauthorized pets into their rental units may be violating leases that prohibit pets.

7. Unsanitary conditions 

Landlords can expect tenants to keep their units clean and hospitable. If a tenant doesn’t clean, it can attract rodents and insects. These critters can cause damage to properties and violate lease agreements. 

A lease violation does not necessarily mean the end of a professional relationship. Landlords and tenants may need to discuss their legal options to remedy any issues between them.